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With the help of the mobile app Kirlian Device mobile, designer Luis Hernan captures long exposure photos of Wi-Fi signals as ghostly streaks of color in an attempt to create a visible representation of this wireless technology that surrounds us every day.

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Simply astonishing how Louise Tucker took the complexity of woven, wooden-stripes to a hole new level. She created this Woven series of lamps at her studio in Wales.

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David Fincher Filmography

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All my characters are me. I’m not a good enough actor to become a character. I hear about actors who become the role and I think ‘I wonder what that feels like.’ Because for me, they’re all me. 

Ok ya dejare de publicar cosas de Ryan (papasito) Gosling 

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Lo que mas me ah gustado en algún tiempo 

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Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

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Lo quiero armar 

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If you ever find yourself in Budapest, Hungary for the winter holidays, don’t miss the wonderfully festive Christmas trams, local streetcars decorated with over 30,000 twinkling LED lights.


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27-year-old Japanese artist Maki Ohkojima specializes in what she calls “the mural beyond the frame,” referring to her tendency to create elaborate, sprawling paintings that spill off the canvas and onto the walls around it.

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Dietmar Voorworld is an artist who takes rocks, pebbles and leaves he finds in nature and turns them into memorable pieces of circular land art.

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I want you to help me catch a killer of women.


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